Brunnsgården, built in 1831 as a clubhouse and residence for the helt well and water company’s chairman. The house is located directly adjacent to church environment with the large rural church with the body of medieval origin and conserved stretches of the old road with a stone arch bridge. The building itself is on 2 floors of 105 square meters with a small cellar under the east, a former boiler room and wood storage and storeroom. The house is surrounded by a 3,500-square-meter plot and to the north a gully that runs in under a stone arch bridge from late 1700 and later released into the river via Nordanå Park.


A little west of Brunnsgården is “Bonnstan”, church town that best kept its authentic character in the county of västerbotten. There are 116 buildings preserved along with about 390 chambers, all privately owned. They have been handed down through generations and is still used at the markets and church festivals. Annually held this traditional midsummer celebrations and the market. Opposite the farm “Lugnet” (tranquility), built in the 1860s as the residence of a retired sawmill manager. About 800 meters from the country church, whose structure is medieval and “Lejonströmsbron” (Lion stream bridge) originally from the 1737th

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